Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pumpkin Patch

I feel like we have been running from morning until night just about every day for the past few weeks.
We are mostly finished making logistical preparations for our move
(we'll go see our house we signed a lease on this weekend!),
all the boys' birthdays have come and gone,
we've checked off most of our "Utah activities,"
and we've been soaking up the perfect Utah autumn with all that entails.

All this rushing is hard for me.
I am by nature a slow-paced, introverted person
with a tendency toward quiet time, reflection, and savoring each moment.
Sometimes the rushed nature of things sucks away the joy I find in these precious life experiences.
But then, on occasion, I am gifted with a fleeting moment when time stands still
and my eyes are opened to the intense beauty that surrounds me.


Of all the photos from the pumpkin patch,
I think this one is my favorite.
There is a lot of talk about how social media captures only the best moments of our lives
and how discontentment arises as a result.
(I even wrote a post about it here when struggling with such feelings years ago!)

But I hope that this blog is real.
I hope that it is not seen as an attempt to depict my love of a perfect life,
but rather a depiction of the joy we find even in the moments like these.
Because these moments are pretty constant,
but so is our joy.

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