Monday, September 11, 2017

That Time of Year

It's that time of year...
when my kitchen is turned into a factory,
the smell of warm, sticky peaches fills the air,
and the baby spreads jangling canning rings all about the house while I work.

The work is enjoyable enough...
but there are few things more satisfying than seeing bunches of full jars lined up on our shelves.
So much of motherhood does not yield immediate or long-lasting results.
The laundry is completed, only to stack up again the same day.
Dinner is finished only to be quickly eaten and the process is repeated every day.
But canning...
not only are the results more long-term,
but it brings with it the fulfillment of providing for our family.

Today our project is freezer jam.
I am feeling an urge to try a new project where I can something different every month.
I have plans for pulled pork, chicken, apple jelly, apple pie filling, and more over the year,
but we shall see if it actually happens...
so many of my grand ideas just sit and remain ideas.

I often think my heart belongs to the 1950s,
but since I'm a millenial I guess I'll just settle for being an old-fashioned one.

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