Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tag-Along Trip

Sam doesn't usually travel too much for work,
but the past several months he has had a number of trips out of town.
At the beginning of this week, he had to make a quick trip to Phoenix,
and I was delighted when they offered to let me come along!

We arrived at our hotel well after midnight and then left that evening to come home,
but it was nice to have the chance to accompany him on his travel,
regardless of how brief it was.

Our hotel consisted of small "casitas," nestled in the midst of walking paths and stunning gardens.
I was expecting to be in a pretty barren desert spotted with gravel-filled yards,
but the hotel was absolutely lovely.
Sam had work meetings all morning so I rested at the hotel and wandered around taking pictures.
There was an almost tangible peaceful feeling in the air,
and I was surrounded by the fragrance of flowers, oranges, and delicious smells wafting from the restaurant
while soft music played and the fountain splashed.
The weather was perfectly gorgeous--warm with a slightly chilly breeze.

I was so grateful for the chance to re-charge a bit (our first night away since having kids!).
And I'm still dreaming of that warm chicken and goat cheese sandwich I had in the airport...


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