Monday, August 7, 2017

We'd Like to Hear Your Voice Again

Last week, I got a message from Wesley's old Primary (church) teachers.
They were calling to check in and make sure he was okay because they didn't realize we had moved and they wanted to invite him back to their class.
A quick phone call back explained everything, but their concern was very sweet.

Then yesterday, he got a card in the mail from them.

We miss you. You helped us soo much in our Primary class! It's sad without you. :(
I hope your new class loves you as much as we did. I'm sure your knowledge about God and your testimony that Heavenly Father loves you and knows who Wesley is will help you through your life. 
Always choose the right! Know that we are thinking of you each week. :)
Call us-we'd like to hear your voice again."

Their kind actions made one 5-year-old boy feel really happy.
The more I open my heart, the more I find there is to learn from others.
My heart is so full because of the goodness that surrounds us.

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