Wednesday, August 23, 2017

First Day 2017

These two had such a fantastic day today.
Lincoln was rather despondent at first
("I'm going to MISS MY BROTHERS!!!")
but cheered up when we made snickerdoodles together while his brothers were away.
Wesley was SO excited and asked me all morning,
"How many more minutes 'til school?"
Talmage came home with the news that his first day was great, so I'm very relieved that everything was okay with the trauma of changing schools. I went to four different elementary schools and I like to think I turned out okay in spite of it. ;)
The boys both have very sweet teachers and I'm looking forward to seeing them THRIVE this year!

The end of Summer always brings a big mixture of emotions for me.
I always feel a sense of regret--like I wish I could have made better use of the time with the kids--
but then I feel grateful for the experiences we did have together.
And I feel cranky because I'm going to miss having them around--
but then I feel relieved because school helps create a more defined routine and I crave routine.
I feel concerned about exposure to negative peer influences--
but then I feel appreciation for the growing opportunities they have away from me.

And so on and so forth.
But in the end, I feel that this is the right place for them to be,
so as hard as it is to let go,
I watch them fly away and feel a profound sense of awe as I watch them soar successfully.

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