Sunday, August 13, 2017

Aviary Wonder

On Maxwell's birthday, we went to the aviary.
Sam had just left town, so we weren't really going to do a full celebration until he got back,
but we have a pass that gets us into the aviary once a month,
so I thought Maxwell (and his brothers)
would enjoy the outing.

They started out with a fun scientific exploration at a stream where, among other fun water activities, they got to capture water in magnifying cases and then check for bugs.
Then we circled around the aviary
and I delighted in Maxwell's wonder of it all.
One of my favorite parts of taking little ones to new places
is seeing their fascination, wonder, and concentration as they try to make sense of it all.
Kids help me take fewer things for granted!

They loved pumping water into the fun sand/water course,
visiting the Owl Forest,
watching the flamingos frolic (while standing on one leg),
feeding the ducks,
and--perhaps most of all--discovering a swallow nest in the bathroom!

Don't you just want to squish that little face??
I'm glad he loves being squished, because I do it all through the day.

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