Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ode to a Bad Morning

'Twas a day in mid-July
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
(Hopefully not a mouse!).

Because all of the children
Were in the front yard
With their busy mother Kaitlyn
Working ever so hard.

The pesky weeds were pulled
And basketball was played
As the boys threw the plants
To the bin from the shade.

And all of a sudden
There arose such a clatter
The boys turned their heads
To see what was the matter.

For down by a clumping
Of aspen tree shoots,
Their mother was hopping
Like a snake was in her boot!

For in the midst of her hacking
She'd upset a wasps' nest
And a couple of stings later
She wasn't feeling her best.

Into the kitchen
She rushed in great pain
The welts were angry
And red, like a stain.

And while she stood running
Water over her wounds,
Her curious boys
Hurried into the room.

And then it was chaos--
questions galore!
And just then the baby
tripped and smashed his nose on the floor.

And so, her arm throbbing,
Mommy picked up her babe
And rubbed on some oils
to help soothe the pain.

And she sent the others
To go off and play.
(For with all their good intentions,
They were sort of in the way.)

And as she nursed her wounds
And soothed the baby's cries,
From the backyard
Came another surprise!

"Lincoln's hurt BAD!"
Talmage shouted with fright.
So she left the wee baby
And ran into the sunlight.

Poor Lincoln stood crying,
Barefoot in the weeds.
His feet had been punctured
By a patch of sticker seeds.

And so, arm still throbbing,
She lay him on the couch
While she calmed his tears
And got the thorns out.

But I guess he was tired
Because in the middle of eating
He threw such a tantrum
You'd think he'd taken a beating!

And so Kaitlyn decided
Naptime should be announced
And then, oh, what wailings
And shoutings were pronounced!

"Dis is the WORST Mommy EVER!"
He said with a sob.
And the way she was feeling,
She could agree with a nod.

But through all the wasp stings,
the tantrums and messes,
She prays she will be one
Who nurtures and blesses.

Who smiles when really
She wants a good cry--
Who encourages and teaches
Even with tears in her eyes.


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