Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Yesterday a few ladies from my neighborhood came to visit with me (cookies in hand).
From the second I opened the door to the moment they bid me farewell,
they showered me with compliments and praise
and seemed so sincere in their love for me and my family--
although they barely know me!

"Your outfit is so cute!! Are you going somewhere today??"
"You mean...you might not be here permanently?? Do you need us to find you a house in the ward to buy?"
"Wow, he is so well spoken! Do you work with him on his speaking?"
"He is so sweet!"
"They all have such great names!"
"The moment we saw your family we thought, 'We need to hang onto them!'"
"We love you. And we love your boys!"

And on and on and on.

But they were so genuine in all of their interactions that it didn't seem at all over the top.
I came away feeling so uplifted and boosted because of their friendship.
And all day long I thought to myself, "I want to be like that...I want to be that encouraging. I want to uplift others unconditionally and focus on their strengths."

where I know I will have instant friends and fellowship no matter where I go.

Our former neighborhood was so friendly and welcoming as well...
these photos were taken a couple of weeks before we moved
on a couple of relaxed summer afternoons...
the boys rode bikes
and Maxwell toddled around
and I sat in the shade
and we visited with neighbors
and it was pretty much perfect.

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