Thursday, June 1, 2017

The End of a Chapter

This girl graduated from high school today!
I am so happy for her, and I can't wait to see what her future holds.

Avalon is my youngest sister, and here are a few things that make her so great:
-She is an amazing aunt to her 10 nieces and nephews and she is always willing and even excited to offer her time and talents babysitting or entertaining them at family gatherings--even planning special activities for them for holidays.
-She is very kind and sensitive. I remember my mom telling me about how, in the midst of friend drama in elementary school, she would just go spend her recess periods helping the special needs children.
-She is smart. She is heading to BYU this Fall on a full-tuition scholarship. She plans to use her gifts to major in Elementary Education which is a perfect fit for her, in my opinion.
-She is conscientious and responsible, but still lots of fun. The kids beg her for piggy-back rides out to the car and I love our girl nights when Sam is out of town!
-She is devoted to her faith and nurtures a strong testimony.

I just love her.
I'm so grateful I've had the chance to see her grow into such an amazing woman and that we've been able to live so close to her over the past few years. Wesley was pretty upset this morning when he learned she would be moving to Provo to attend BYU because "then she won't live as close to us!!"
Somehow we'll survive, but we sure have grown to rely on her a lot!
Here's to the next few years, Avalon...I hope they're some of the best ones yet!

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