Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Our start to Summer has been a touch less than ideal
and a bit frustrating 
with a nasty bout of food poisoning,
continuing dishwasher issues (it's been over 2 months and it's still not fixed, even though it was under warranty and we've had many maintenance people come over...),
a package Talmage had been excitedly waiting for since April that arrived ripped open and empty,
broken AC in our car,
and a teething and fussy babe.

it's also been good
with sidewalk chalk,
a new chore chart that the boys are super excited about,
free Tillamook ice cream,
fruit slushes,
and lots of time swinging on the porch swing outside.

On Friday Sam and I went to a concert at a beautiful, quaint park in Salt Lake.
It was attended by mostly older people
and afterward I expressed my desire to buy an "old lady hat."
He laughingly told me to go for it.
"Do you ever watch old people and try to figure out which ones we'll be like?" I asked.
He burst out laughing and said, "No...I take it you do?"

I like to think he finds my oddities endearing.


  1. I'm sorry your summer has had some rough parts! I hope they get your dishwasher finished soon!

    1. Thanks...me too! At least the store it was purchased at (which shall remain nameless) sent me a $30 gift card for the inconvenience. And washing dishes is my favorite chore, so if I have to have one increased I guess that's what I'd choose. Much better than having a broken washer!!!


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