Monday, May 1, 2017

The Rains Came a-Tumblin' Down

Tonight for Family Home Evening,
Sam taught the boys about building on the rock of Jesus Christ.
He then took them into the backyard for an object lesson
where they built houses out of blocks and then, with a robust chorus of
"And the rains came a-tumblin' down!!!"
they would spray their houses with the hose while they were balanced on dirt or rocks
and excitedly watch the results.
Needless to say, they were pretty thrilled.
They came inside sopping wet with huge smiles on their faces
and a determination to always build on the Rock.

I'm so grateful for the opportunities Family Home Evening has given our family.
Yes, we often spend most of the meeting trying to get people to sit down and listen,
sometimes our lessons aren't very well thought out,
and sometimes it seems the boys are more interested in the treat than anything else...
but I know it's making a positive difference in their lives.
They often say Monday is their favorite day because of Family Home Evening.
As a parent, I've become
infinitely more grateful
for the framework the Gospel gives us in parenting.

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