Wednesday, May 24, 2017

All for Naught

This morning, I was just gearing up to head to the grocery store
when I received a phone call and found out that someone would be coming in a couple of hours to take video of every room of our house for the owners.
I'm a pretty tidy person, but I do have 4 kids, and as such, I cancelled our plans to go to the store
and began cleaning the house from top to bottom to get it ready.
I dusted pictures, organized books, started laundry, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned up the backyard, collapsed and put away the big, unsightly exersaucer, cleaned the kitchen, put away a massive pile of Lego creations, wiped fingerprints off the sliding glass door, etc. etc.

And all the while, I'm sorry to say,
I felt frustration toward the kids.

Maxwell was fussy, wanting to be held, and crawling around undoing my work.
Wesley and Lincoln were just being kids--which meant they were getting out toys and asking for crumb-creating snacks. Lincoln stuck a pretzel inside the spout of a water bottle at one point and then cried because it was irretrievable. With annoyance I threw the water bottle in the trash and started a show on the computer for Lincoln and Wesley so that I could clean up without my work being undone.

Finally, I was satisfied with the appearance of the house,
and I settled down to wait for the guy to arrive.
We waited.
And waited.
And read books.
And delayed naps.
And delayed lunch.
And kept the house in perfect order.
Until finally he told me that he actually wasn't going to make it today and would come later this week.

All that work, and all that frustration...
all for naught.
I fed my hungry kids lunch,
put them down for naps,
and felt immediately remorseful for my frustration toward them in the midst of the frenzy.
I lay down next to one angelic sleeping boy and wrapped my arms around him
and my eyes filled with tears.
Because sometimes all I want to do is rock my babies and read them stories and dote on them all day long,
but although we say "the cleaning and scrubbing can wait 'til tomorrow,"
sometimes it just can't.
And sometimes it's extra hard for me to be patient as I try to manage it all.

But, once again, as I lay there holding my boy,
I recommitted to slowing down and not dwelling too much on things of little importance.
And this afternoon, we ate popcorn and drank smoothies on the back porch
and this evening Chick-fil-a earned our business,
and I gave butterfly kisses and lots of cuddles tonight
and ended the day with a greatly improved disposition.

And I guess I'll get another chance to make the house spotless while being totally patient later this week...


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  2. Kaitlyn, it sounds like a perfect storm. The image of the pretzel in the water bottle is fascinating. Did it break when he put it in? I'm so happy you felt happy by evening time of a challenging day:)

    1. Haha, it was a camelback water bottle with a weird mouthpiece that has a rubber opening into a hollow section in the middle that is totally closed off. So it was a straight pretzel stuck in a hollow section, but with rubber and plastic all around it. Kind of hard to explain! So funny, and so little-boyish to see what happens when you stick pretzels in small holes.

  3. I can only imagine how you felt, and then for the man to cancel. I also cannot help but wonder why the owners want to take pictures. That is something they do when they are about to put the house up for sale. I think you handled the situation way much better than I would have. I can just hear myself telling the man that they need to come when they say they are unless they want the house to look like someone lives in it that has 4 small boys. They need to make an appointment at least one day ahead of when they want to come because there is no telling what you might have planned. And I would tell them that. It is common courtesy.

    1. The owners are actually thinking about selling it, so it was their realtor coming through to take pictures so they could decide how much they would sell it for. And in his defense, the realtor said he could come later in the week, but he was going to be in the area already that day and I figured we might as well get it over with. So the stress was partially self-inflicted. :)

    2. Are you and Sam already looking for another place? Mercy, moving is not fun. Please tell Sam that I said, "Happy Birthday."

  4. Oh! Not a bottle of water but an expensive water bottle that you had to throw away! Very frustrating for you and for Lincoln. But, even more fascinating with the hollow center and, though it was a pretzel stick, that it stayed in tact. Haha.


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