Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Best

It started with a headache.
By Saturday evening, I was getting chills all over and my neck was throbbing.
As soon as the kids were in bed, I curled up in a ball in bed shaking uncontrollably,
frigidly cold despite my fever and aching from head to toe.

Sam talked me into taking a fever reducer and,
when he discovered the stuff in the cabinet had expired,
he went to the store despite my protests and came home with medicine
and peanut butter & chocolate gelato.
And then he took care of the baby, who had woken up crying,
and I listened to him in the other room excitedly telling his captive baby audience
exactly how many sunrises were left until Christmas.

And then, the next morning, as I lay in bed, cuddling with a napping baby,
I listened to him playing "scripture pictionary" and "scripture Jeopardy" with the big boys.
They sat around the table for the majority of Sunday morning while their Daddy played and taught.

And then they headed off to Church,
and I stayed at home to finish getting better
and stare into space in an awe-induced stupor
because I get to be married to him.

1 comment:

  1. Sam is the best, Father, husband, and friend. And yes the dinosaurs are


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