Wednesday, March 29, 2017

So Fast

It's crazy how fast Maxwell is growing up!
I took these pictures at the beginning of March, and he was just beginning to crawl on all fours.
He was content to roll around his room.
Now, just a few weeks later, he is crawling all over the place
and mostly finding things with which to pull himself up to standing position!
I usually find him standing in his crib when I go in to get him up from naps.
Today he crawled up a couple of stairs
and my friend's 1-year-old boy wasn't thrilled when Maxwell pulled himself up to stand using him for stability.
He is not content to roll around anymore
and instead empties the bookshelf and tries to rip apart the books.
He can feed himself food from his highchair tray,
and he is communicating when he wants food and when he wants water at dinner time (he'll turn his head away and close his mouth when we offer him food if he wants a drink, and do the same thing if we offer him a drink when he wants food).
He's also learning to ask nicely (a pleasant, "uh, uh, uh" for food instead of screaming).
He waves at people (but not on demand), gives high five (occasionally), and does "soo big!"
He loves books, animal sounds, and graham crackers,
and I love seeing his personality emerge more every day.

We just adore this bundle of squishy delight.

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  1. Mercy sakes alive, little Maxwell! Look at our boy on all 4's. Seems like just yesterday that he was born. He looks like Sam's minnie me. I so adore all of the boys and I can see each one of them accomplishing great things in their lives. Please give them all a hug and kiss from Aunt Cindy.


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