Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fun Facts From an Amazing Place

Talmage didn't have school on Monday, so we went on our annual Pre-Conference tour of the Conference Center. After our tour guide found out we had been before, she tried to think of lesser-known facts to share with us.

Did you know...
-all of the paintings in the Conference Center are originals?
-the General Primary President in the 1950s used her own money to pay Arnold Friberg to paint the Book of Mormon scenes? She died shortly afterward, so she never got to see them finished, but they were released in the Children's Friend magazine--one per month for a year.
-after the director or producer of The Ten Commandments saw Arnold Friberg's paintings, he hired him to be the art director of The Ten Commandments. That's why the scenery and costumes in the film look so similar to his painting style!
-the oldest painting in the Conference Center is one of Joseph of Egypt interpreting dreams. It came from France and was commissioned by Napoleon's brother (?).
-the plants on the roof are planted in shale because it weighs only 1/3 as much as soil.
-President Hinckley wanted those in wheelchairs to be able to sit in the comfortable Conference Center seats, so the arm rests on the seats on the rows reserved for disabled persons collapse down completely to make it easy for them to slide from a wheelchair to the seat.

Just a few fun facts!
It's always a treat to see this amazing building.
I love taking the boys so they can better connect what is happening at General Conference.

We are so excited for Conference!!
We'll be making preparations for our Conference party tomorrow.
The boys all slept in the same bed the other night (as they love to do!). It's always funny to see the mass of arms and legs sprawled around the top bunk when I check on them before I go to bed.
They stayed up late chatting though, and making plans for the party.
Lincoln tells me it has something to do with gummies.
Hopefully I can make it live up to their hopes and dreams!


  1. I really love the first picture of all of the women reaching down to the woman on earth. What does it signify? I also love the picture of you and the boys with the temple in the background. I love and miss all of you.

    It would be great if once we get settled in Alaska if all of you could come for a visit. The boys could see how people live in the "bush." There is a hotel in our little town along the Yukon River.

    1. It represents angels on the other side helping those here--to find lost keys, to find lost ancestors, or just in any aspect of life where we may be guided by angels. It would be so fun to visit Alaska! My sister worked there for a while and her photos showed what a gorgeous place it is. Hope you're recovering well!


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