Thursday, February 23, 2017

Little Loves

Things I Loved Today:

-watching Lincoln and Wesley play with a huge ball in the church gym at playgroup
-pulling a wagon loaded with three boys through a snow storm to the school to watch Talmage's patriotic program
-seeing Talmage's face scan the crowd continually until he saw us and then the way it immediately lit up with a huge smile
-Wesley telling me the biggest cinnamon roll was for me because I'm "soo special and nice"
-Remembering Lincoln telling me last night that he wanted me to give him "a-butterfly-kiss-and-a-kiss-and-a-hug" before bed because my face is "so cozy" and he doesn't like a "spiny" face...he likes it to be "fluffy"
-staring at Maxwell's wrist-creases and knuckle dimples--two things that just about make me explode with happiness
-seeing Sam make a love note for me out of snow
-Maxwell belly-laughing when I would whisper, with a very serious face, "pop"

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