Sunday, February 5, 2017

100th Day

Thursday was Talmage's 100th day of school this year.
He was supposed to bring a poster with 100 items on it,
so we decided to make an alien with 100 eyes.
Talmage did the designing, I did the cutting, and we worked on the gluing together.
He was so excited and very specific about the little details
(like the number 100 the alien is crunching up in his mouth).
It was a fun little project to work on together.

I've dreaded having our kids grow up,
but I'm learning how much fun this school stage of life is as well!
I love working on school projects with Talmage.
But, nonetheless, I'm very happy that we're 100 days of school closer to Summer.
I'm excited to have my boy back for our daily adventures.

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