Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Talmage's Stitches

We hosted a Christmas dinner for a few people in our ward on the 23rd.
It was a little bit hectic because we had just gotten home earlier that day
after spending a few days out of town with my family,
but I hurriedly threw things together.
And just as there was a knock at the door,
Talmage came running up the stairs and somehow whacked his forehead on the wood at the top.

Sam and I tried to greet our guests and start dinner as we took shifts with Talmage,
who was a bit traumatized as blood dripped off his forehead and into his cupped hands.
He calmed down significantly once he saw himself in the mirror and realized it wasn't as bad as he thought.
We managed to make it through dinner and just kept changing his band-aid,
but after our visitors left Sam took Talmage to Urgent Care.
Thankfully we were able to avoid another trip to Primary Children's
(and another $800 bill after insurance!)
and they stitched him up there.

He didn't cry a bit as they worked--
the nurse said he was the toughest kid she had ever had come in.
When I asked him what he did to be so brave he said he just "held Daddy's hand."
I told him it was like Joseph Smith saying he would be okay when his leg was operated on if his dad just held him, and he replied, "I know! I thought of that!"
He was such a trooper.

I had to laugh because he ended up getting 3 stitches in the exact spot Lincoln did earlier in the year.
They have matching little scars!
Wesley needs to find a way to get in on the fun, I suppose.


  1. Glad my boy is okay. Everyone I know that has boys ends up with broken bones,or needing stitches. I had to be in the room with my nephew when he was getting stitches on his chin because my sister couldn't bear it. I came close to passing out though. I am thankful that my son, even though he was a hellion and was always jumping ramps, didn't ever hurt himself. Tell Talmage that I am proud of him being so brave.

  2. Glad you didn't mention that I had just been roughhousing with him right before the incident happened. I'd already started wrestling with Wesley but hopefully I hadn't made him too dizzy/hyper to get up the stairs safely!


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