Tuesday, January 3, 2017

All I Have Is Not Enough

Yesterday I wrote in my journal,
"Sometimes it seems there is just not enough of me to go around and meet all of [the boys'] needs."
Just a few hours later we received some devastating news about a friend of ours...
the kind of news that brings a literal heartache and hollowness inside.
I was overcome with sadness and prayed desperately to know what to say to her
while simultaneously recognizing that words do not exist that would ease her burden.

I felt so inadequate.
And I feel so inadequate each and every day because what I have to offer seems woefully pitiful
when I look at all the needs that exist around me.

But then I am reminded of one of the Savior's miracles.

I think of the pitiful amount of food that was given to feed a seemingly impossible number of people.
5 loaves and 2 fishes.
And over 5,000 people.
But the power of God made that tiny offering expand until it was enough--
more than enough, in fact.

And that gives me hope.
Hope that the effort I devote to our family will bear good fruit.
Hope that words will fill my mouth when I can think of nothing worth saying.
Hope that maybe somehow God will use me as an instrument to further His work despite my many failings.
Hope that perhaps my pitiful offerings will make a difference for good.

Because although all I have is not enough,
Christ is.


  1. Also, Kaitlyn, remember the old woman who only had one cent to put in the offering plate. It was all that she had, yet she still gave it. That offering, although she felt it was nothing compared to what others gave, was of more worth and value to God, than all of the other offerings. When Christ knows that we are giving our all, He is more than pleased. Let me tell you right now, young lady, I see your efforts, and even though I cannot see all that you do give, from what I have seen, you are such a wonderful mother and wife. Your treasures are your Heavenly Father, Christ, and your family. Your priorities are exactly as they should be. The fact that you continually strive to do better and give more, even when you are basically running on empty, is testament to the kind of mother and wife that you are. I would have loved to have had a mother like you. I loved my mother and she did her best, but I wish I had come into a family with a mother and father like you and Sam. I wish my grandchildren had too. So never lessen the worth of your efforts by thinking they are pitiful. We all wish that we had the power, either through actions or words, to heal a broken heart, or fix a situation, but that is Heavenly Father's job. We are an instrument in His hands to help comfort others simply by listening and showing love and support. I am a witness as to how much your efforts and those of your family, can lift,comfort and inspire. I am eternally grateful to all of you and to Heavenly Father for bringing you into my life.

    1. Thanks Cindy. You are always so encouraging to us! I appreciate your kind words, and I liked your point about the widow's mite! Sending our love!


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