Friday, January 13, 2017

A Lost Tooth, Secret Service, and Arguing

I'm feeling so grateful that these boys have each other.
They squabble a fair amount,
but they really are the best of friends.

A few months ago, the boys were in bed
(talking and giggling)
and suddenly Talmage shouted out,
"MOM!!! I lost my tooth!"
I was surprised because none of his teeth had been particularly loose
and I ran down to find out what had happened.
Come to find out, he was on the top bunk and decided to bite down on his sock monkey's tail
and dangle it down, where it hung tantalizingly beside the bottom bunk.
Wesley did the natural thing and yanked it downward,
which launched Talmage's tooth out of his mouth and onto the floor.
They were all so excited!

A friend planted a seed in my head,
so we recently began doing a "secret service chore" each day in addition to their other chores.
They have to choose someone in the family to do an anonymous act of kindness for every day.
It has been a joy to see them sneakily put money in each other's banks,
clean up laundry,
write notes,
and read books to each other.
Today I asked Lincoln what he wanted to do for his secret service.
He gasped excitedly and said,
"We can buy a magnifying glass, and if someone lost their toy, I can find it with my magnifying glass!"

I read recently that as kids play together in an unstructured way,
their "arguing" helps them develop negotiation skills
and gain a sense of fairness.
I've been viewing their bouts of arguing more patiently since then
and trying to step in less often.

I'm so happy to have the chance to see them progress through life.

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