Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Sabbath is a Delight

Lately I've been working on making the Sabbath more of a delight for everyone in the family--
meaning it's not chaotic and rushed for Sam and me,
the children enjoy their Christ-centered activities,
and Church is a pleasant experience even though it requires a lot of sitting still for wiggly boys!

We have some pretty strict standards about Sabbath activities (and really, just life in general) and one day I was thinking about it and wondering if we needed to lower our expectations a bit in order to make things more pleasant.
I received a clear impression: "You don't need to change the standard. You need to find a way to make the standard enjoyable."
As we find ways to uphold the standards we feel are appropriate while helping our children find joy, they increase in their understanding of why the standards are important and how they bring us true joy.
I love this quote by Harry Emerson Fosdick:
"Some Christians carry their religion on their backs. It is a packet of beliefs and practices which they must bear. At times it grows heavy and they would willingly lay it down, but that would mean a break with old traditions, so they shoulder it again. But real Christians do not carry their religion, their religion carries them. It is not weight, it is wings. It lifts them up, it sees them over hard places. It makes the universe seem friendly, life purposeful, hope real, sacrifice worthwhile. It sets them free from fear, futility, discouragement, and sin--the great enslaver of men's souls. You can know a real Christian when you see him, by his buoyancy."

It is a joy to spend our Sabbath days together.
And one thing is for sure--this babe both finds and creates joy on the Sabbath!


  1. A sister talked about this in stake conference yesterday, and she read the scripture in Isaiah that references the sabbath and delight (Isaiah 58:13-14). For the first time I noticed that it doesn't say "make" the sabbath a delight, but rather "call the sabbath a delight." I think that's an important distinction. For all our efforts to make the day into what we think it should/want it to be, the truth is, the day is the Lord's and our job is to delight in it because we delight in Him.

    Sometimes that's harder, but it's also less futile (especially when lots of little kids are involved).

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