Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Calm for a Moment

Yesterday was Talmage's seventh birthday.
When did he get so old??
When did I get so old, for that matter?
We had a nice celebration together.
But today it was back to business as usual.

I've been feeling a sickness coming on for the past few days, and today it finally hit fully.
Talmage woke up with a sick stomach that kept him home from school.
He threw up multiple times,
one boy wet the bed,
one boy accidentally soaked his clothes when he was going potty,
the baby overflowed his diaper,
and one boy hit another in the head with a belt buckle which caused a very bloody gash.
I added bedding and lots of clothes to the mountain of dirty laundry
and spent the day trying to get my feet under me before the rental agency comes tomorrow to do a condition check of the house.
It kind of looked like a war zone for a while.

Things have settled down for now,
and I am thinking of the lovely, peaceful picnic we had on Monday evening before Family Home Evening.
We ate pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, chili, and fruit in the most magical place and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
It was the kind of place dreams are made of.

I love this crazy, beautiful life of mine.
With its mountains of dirty laundry and all.

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