Friday, October 7, 2016


Poor Lincoln.
It seems his lot in life is to be injured--
perhaps that is only to be expected with the third boy!
On Wednesday evening he fell in the shower and smacked his head on the toilet.
He was screaming pretty hard, and when I went to him to pick him up, he turned his head and I was shocked to see a bump rapidly forming by the side of his eye. It ended up protruding out of his head about an inch!
It was so huge I was concerned something was seriously wrong,
but after about five minutes he was back to his happy self. (But it hurt to smile!)

The poor boy woke up with a pretty good black eye.
I always wished I could have a black eye when I was young. Somehow it seemed like a mark of bravery.
I guess I'm living vicariously through my boys--Lincoln has had stitches and this is (at least) his second black eye, and Wesley got a pretty nice shiner when he was almost 2.
With four little boys, I have to wonder what the injury department has in store for us.

Here's hoping your weekend is happy and injury free!

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