Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pep Talk

This photo is a pretty good representation of Wesley's personality right now.
Earlier this week I was encouraging him and Lincoln to go outside and shoot some hoops.
Lincoln despondently threw himself down and said, "I can't do it! I can't!"
Wesley came up to him and said very firmly,
"Lincoln! Listen! If you say you won't be able to do it, then you won't be able to! But if you say, 'I can do it,' then you will be able to!"

It cracked me up because it is almost identical to the speech we give Wesley on a regular basis.
And it showed me, once again, that we have to be so watchful of our words and behavior,
because the kids mimic us constantly.
It certainly makes me feel a lot of pressure to know that everything I do is influencing our kids' behavior, thoughts, sense of right/wrong, and sense of normalcy.
It's truly terrifying to me at times.

But I appreciate the opportunity to constantly evaluate my life
to see if I want our children emulating whatever it is I'm doing.

Happy Friday to you!
Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday
(the boys are rather chagrined about my aversion to spooky stuff),
but I hope yours is truly wonderful.

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