Friday, September 30, 2016

The Trauma of Family Pictures

Yesterday we attempted to have family pictures taken.
My sister was kind enough to drive up from Salt Lake after work and we hurried over to the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve to get a few shots in as the sun was setting.
I absolutely love the simplicity of the location, and I thought everyone's outfits came together pretty well for scrounging in drawers and closets for things we already had. The boys and Sam had fresh haircuts, Maxwell hadn't drenched his outfit with spit-up, I was armed with treats for the kids, and we were set.
Despite Lincoln's mournful declaration earlier in the day that "Faaaamily pictures aren't fuuun."

Unfortunately, as we got things set up in the light (which was fading very quickly!),
a swarm of mosquitoes descended upon the marshlands we were in, and we began to be eaten alive.
I quickly got my camera set up, showed my sister what I was going for, and we hastily captured a few poses while smacking mosquitoes right and left.
And then we gave it up and went home.

As I reviewed the pictures, I noticed that one person in particular took it upon himself to overturn any existing notion that we have a perfectly happy, well-behaved family.
He's pretty pleased with himself.
I'll let you guess who it was.



PS-This weekend we'll be tuning into General Conference! The boys have been counting down the days and we are all excited. I am about to take them shopping to pick out some Conference snacks. It's one of our favorite weekends of the year! Tune in with us here to hear amazing, inspiring words for any Christ-follower, regardless of their individual faith.


  1. Too funny! Not the blood sucking mosquitoes, but the funny faces. Maxwell also looks like he was preparing a nasty When I was a kid, and even to this day, I have HATED my picture being taken. I have an old family photo where I was about 7 where everyone but me is smiling. I am looking at the ground pouting. So I completely understand my boy.

  2. hahahahahahahhaha I am dying!!! This is too funny.
    Brady was always the culprit of pulling faces in our family pictures way back when... and my dad would get so ticked. I love this!


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