Sunday, January 17, 2016

December's Festivities

We had a lovely Christmas together as a family,
and celebrating with our extended families as well.
(Don't mind that random section of lights at the top of the tree that suddenly stopped working one day...)
The kids loved their gifts,
and Sam and I received many wonderful things as well.
We had many family projects in the works that made Christmas Eve almost impossibly busy,
but somehow our list was checked off until everything important had been accomplished
and we headed over to my parents' to spend the evening with them...
feasting, performing, discussing scripture, opening gifts, and making memories.
I think Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year!
We continued the festivities as Sam, the boys, and I celebrated together on Christmas morning,
and then celebrated with Sam's family later that day.
The boys were showered with thoughtful gifts from family members.
And although the antique teeter totter in the photo above wasn't the highlight on Christmas, it has been one of the most-enjoyed gifts since! It's done wonders for the stir-crazy blues winter and cold weather tend to bring. It's just like one I have fond memories of playing with as a child at my aunt's house, and it is almost as fun for adults as it is for the kids.
It has an unassuming appearance, but if you try it out you'll understand.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, Sam took me to the jeweler where he got my ring.
The story behind my ring is one full of many fascinating and interesting miracles,
and we've never returned to the jeweler since we got married since we've lived in Texas most of that time.
I admired the tri-stone design for rings because of the symbolism--the two side diamonds representing Sam and I and the center one representing God. It's biggest because He comes first in our relationship and He is what unites us and makes it possible for us to be together eternally.
They did a tune-up on my ring and commented on its unique design and the incredible circumstances involved in its purchase. I had to smile when the store manager talked with me about Sam's research and began referring to him as "the genius." He then showed me a $40,000 bracelet he said we could purchase when Sam became a rich and famous scientist.
Ha! If we happen to have an extra $40,000 lying around someday, you can bet it won't be spent on diamonds.

2 days later, we were celebrating our seventh anniversary as we re-lived our first date and Sam presented me with incredibly thoughtful portions of a "treatise" at various stages along our journey.
I still remember my excitement when Sam called and asked me out.
(I had admired him from afar for several weeks.)
He proposed 3 ideas for our date and asked if I had a preference.
I was amazed at his thoughtfulness and organization and expressed no specific preference.
But I was thrilled when he suggested we visit the Planetarium in Salt Lake City (an hour's drive from our college town) because, as he said, "It's kind of nice to get out of Provo sometimes."
I was just excited to have 2+ hours of uninterrupted, one-on-one conversation with this intriguing man I had been drawn to from the beginning.
And that date made it very clear to us that we connected with one another on a deep level.
The conversation naturally progressed very quickly beyond surface-level, trivial topics and grew into deep discussions about subjects dear to our hearts.
I lay on my bed after he brought me home, overcome with a strange feeling...
a realization that my relationship with this man could easily go far and the contemplation of all that would entail.
Little did I know what joy awaited us!
We recently spoke of how the struggles we both faced to fit in well and socially connect with others as we grew had made our relationship all the more treasured because we had finally discovered someone who got us--we understand one another on a deep and intimate level that is beyond what I can describe.
And after seven years of marriage, that level of understanding and connection has only deepened
and left me feeling more united than ever with the man of my dreams.


  1. I may have missed it, what is the story about the ring purchase?

    1. Remind me to tell you next time I see you! It's kind of a long story...


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