Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dino Week

One of the reasons I dreaded Talmage heading to Kindergarten so much
is that I really love spending time teaching my kids.
While we ultimately decided not to homeschool for reasons specific to our family
(meaning I don't feel that there's a universal "right answer" for schooling),
homeschooling definitely appeals to me.

I love to teach, I love coming up with activities and field trips for my kids, I love taking part in their discoveries, I love helping them meet their full potential, and I just plain love spending time with them!
When it finally dawned on me that if I put Talmage in afternoon Kindergarten we would still be able to continue our morning learning activities and field trips with him, my outlook improved drastically.
I may be a mess when next year rolls around and he's gone all day,
but hopefully by then we'll have adjusted to this whole school-child thing.

Last week and this week we've been learning about dinosaurs.
We've been playing counting games with little toy dinosaurs,
reading the (many!) picture books we have about dinosaurs,
singing "There's a Dinosaur Knocking at my Door,"
matching toy dinosaurs to pictures in a book,
watching "Dinosaur Train" online,
making snickerdoodle dinosaur eggs,
and we visited the dinosaur park for our field trip!
We have plans in the work for ice paleontologists,
fossil making,
volcanic eruptions,
dinosaur tag, and more.

Rumor has it that Lincoln is getting a whole set of big dinosaurs for Christmas
(evidently Santa frequents garage sales and finds some awesome things!)
and I can't wait to see their dino games, imaginative play, and learning continue on a larger scale.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again,
but sometimes I really wish I could be a mother of young children forever.

This fossil restorer was working on a turtle fossil.
He talked to us about his work a little bit, and it is amazing to learn about how much work goes into cleaning and preparing the tiniest piece of a fossil. A piece about the size of a matchbox car took him a few hours just to clean after it was extracted. It's definitely a job for patient people!
PS...Can you spy Lincoln in this picture?

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  1. So fun!! You are so creative. I need more of your creativity... and more time at home with my baby to do things like this!


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