Thursday, April 23, 2015

Grandma's Testimony

There is so much to remember when I think of my Campbell grandparents (both of whom have passed away).
I think of the vintage People Feeder, perpetually full of M&Ms that was waiting for visitors atop the microwave.
I think of the drawer in the bathroom that was full of small toys, some of which were many decades old and most about the quality of Happy Meal toys. They weren't much compared to the selection of toys most kids have today, but we were always so excited to get into that bathroom and start digging through the drawer for new and old friends.
I think of the farm to explore...the hay bales to climb, the old tractors to play on, the horses to visit, the garbage fire pit, the authentic pioneer log cabin that had been turned into a playhouse, the best tire swing in the world, the 3-wheeler, the willow tree that had had so many kids climb it the path up seemed almost carved into its branches, the chicken coop full of treasures, the machine with some unknown purpose that we used to hoist one another high into the air...
I think of faithful, loyal Harry Barker, the mild-mannered farm dog who lived off of table scraps and wagged that stub of a tail like crazy whenever we came to visit.
I think of my Grandma's sugar drawer...full of sugar for baking, but also always containing an assortment of sweets for us to choose from at will.

The memories come flooding back when I think of that old farm in Idaho,
and they really warrant a post of their own to do them justice.

But today I was going through some old papers and keepsakes and found a small, laminated copy of an aerial photo of my grandparents' farm with my grandmother's testimony typed up on the back. It's a treasure from a beautiful person with a beautiful soul!
My grandmother had hundreds of poems and sayings committed to memory and quoted them often. Some were quoted regularly to me as I grew. And a few years before she died, she recorded many poems and stories onto CDs for her grandchildren to keep and share...truly a marvelous keepsake.
So it's only fitting that my grandmother wrote her testimony for her posterity in rhyme.

Grandma's Testimony
Lois Campbell, June 2005

I've always had the Gospel to guide me in the things I should do.
Yet at times I've asked the question, "Do I really know it's true?"
I believe I've a Heavenly Father, and I believe He loves me too,
I'm sure He'll answer all my prayers, if I my part will do.

I believe that Jesus died for me, there upon the cross
And if we'll follow His teachings then none of us will get lost.
He taught us the way
to find the greatest joy in life as we go from day to day.

We have been taught to love each other, and if we search 'til this life ends
We'll find no greater joy than the love of our family and friends.
I've seen the blessings that tithing brings and what fasting and prayer can do,
The welfare plan I'm sure is from God and the Word of Wisdom too.

I am so thankful for temple marriage, my family is so dear to me
It's wonderful knowing they can be mine for time and all eternity.
Of course I have to do my part, and live the way I should
And try to teach my children the blessings of doing good.

To be obedient, love, and serve willingly
show my love to Him for the sacrifice He made for me.
Each time I read the scriptures, new truths come to me
Many more things I would understand if I would seek more earnestly.

Men have progressed, ideas have changed, there's a new code of living they say--
But God has given us prophets, and if we heed their teachings we'll not go astray.
As a mother I feel especially blessed to have this gospel plan,
When I'm in doubt about what to do, it is always a guiding hand.

I've had so many blessings, I've watched my family grow
In patience, love, and knowledge, because the Lord has helped us so.
My blessings have been many, my trials but a few
With my Savior's love and guidance He shows us what to do.

How could I ever doubt it? The results are mine to view.
I'm so thankful to have the plan of life,
Yes, I Know the Gospel is True!


  1. Wow, I love this! Where did you get that? I want a copy.

    1. Me too! Scan it in and email it to me?

    2. I'm not sure where I got it...I think I must have gotten it in high school when Grandma was giving out copies of her life history. But I'll gladly give you both copies!

  2. I could relate so well to much of this post. My maternal grandparents had a "special drawer" in their home for the grandkids. My paternal grandparents lived on a farm, too, where my grandmother would often write poems of all kinds to share her life perspective with us. Also, at both homes my grandparents had secret stashes of sweets and treats to give to the grandkids at every visit. This was such a fun post to read. You've got my mind thinking back to some great times with my grandparents. Thanks so much.


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