Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Dozen

As Sam and I first started getting to know one another,
it soon became apparent that we had a lot in common.
Even after seven years, it's tough to find ground that we don't agree on.

While in college, when people would ask how many kids I thought I wanted, I would always reply by saying,
"Somewhere between five and ten."
At this, people would generally laugh because of what a broad range it was.

Without ever having shared that fact with Sam, though, one evening we were casually talking in my apartment living room and he said that he wanted a lot of kids.
"How many?" my roommate probed.
"Like, a really lot," he continued.
"At least five...and probably no more than ten."

My roommate and I exchanged a meaningful glance and smile,
and Sam and I carried on our conversation while I sat on yet another odd similarity between us.

As we've had a few kids and my eyes have been opened more to what parenthood involves,
there are certainly days when I think I've got about all I can handle
(usually on Sundays after trying to reign in what seem to be zoo animals during Church).
But other days I think I want at least a dozen!

I sure am grateful I get to enjoy the ride of parenthood with my best friend,
who loves and values fatherhood.


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