Monday, March 23, 2015


This weekend included my first blog conference,
a beautiful evening temple date,
a quick visit to the LEGO Americana Roadshow exhibit,
playing at a kids' rock-climbing gym (for free!),
a backyard BBQ with my brother's family,
playing in the best sandbox ever (when will I remember to take a picture of it?),
a long, hot drive in a mini-van with a broken A/C,
ripping our pantry shelves out to replace them,
putting 3 sleeping boys into the car to pick Sam up from work at 10:30 on Saturday night,
enjoying beautiful, uplifting music,
going to Church,
coming home early with a sick baby,
eating a favorite dinner,
and playing Prophet Memory with my littles.

A lot great,
a little not-so-much,
and plenty in between.

And after my first attempts with a circular saw,
I think I'll leave the pantry-shelves for Sam to cut...
turns out burning wood and bucking saws aren't my favorite things.
I'll stick with the band saw for now!

Tonight as Talmage prayed he said, "Please help us to make it through the darkness to go on our missions."
And then Wesley prayed, "Please help us to not be scared when we go on our missions and walk on the waves." (We had just read the story of Jesus walking on the water.)
Their heartfelt little prayers bring great big smiles to our faces.

(Wesley has a new "tough guy" look for photos...he actually was happy.)

Talmage hated rock-climbing for about 3/4 of the time we were there.
Wesley loved it, but only on the vertical rope net.
He kept asking me, "Wanna see me in action??" and then he'd climb up fast and belay down.
Lincoln kept begging to get up and then getting nervous.
We were so glad Avalon came to help out with the boys!


  1. You guys didn't have many crowds at the Lego exhibit!!! :) It looks like fun :)

  2. Wesley's tough guy face kills me. :)


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