Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Things Friday-#3

1-Poor Lincoln got his fingers slammed in our heavy front door! For a while I wondered if one of his fingers was broken from the way he was screaming and not bending it, but he eventually calmed down and started using his finger again. He's all better except for a nasty black fingernail.
He also figured out how to push a kitchen chair over to the counters which means there are almost no safe surfaces in the house anymore and all of our upper cupboards and the kitchen sink are free game!

2-We're looking forward to attending this production for date night tonight!

3-We bought a family pass to the Ogden Nature Center last week (for just $17!) that will get us into the Ogden Nature Center, Eccles Dinosaur Park, Union Station museums, and Tracy Aviary for an entire year! My kids loved our brief visit at the Nature Center and we look forward to going back with Sam soon. I think there are few better recreational activities for families than spending time in the great outdoors...the kids are seldom happier!

4-Lincoln's prayers are so cute right now. As I pray with him before bed, it will go something like this:
Me: "Thank thee for our food."
Lincoln: "Mmmmmm!"
Me: "Thank thee for dogs."
Lincoln: "Woof, woof!"
Me: "Thank thee for cats."
Lincoln: "MEE-owww!"
Me: "Thank thee for airplanes."
Lincoln: (points outside) "Eh-pun!"
Me: "Thank thee for songs."
Lincoln: "La, la, laaaa!"
Wesley's prayers have been really thoughtful lately as well. My brother broke his upper arm a week or two ago in a snow biking accident, and Wesley has diligently prayed for him morning and night for many days. He even remembered to pray for him in the prayer he said in front of the whole Primary at Church. (Hope those prayers are working, Corban!)

5-Our family has been listening to The Chronicles of Prydain on CD lately and loving them! The reader, James Langton, is so talented! We are on Book 4, and Gurgy's funny mannerisms have made their way into our everyday conversation.

And one more for good measure...we made collages this week and it was so fun to see Wesley and Talmage's different interests reflected in their choice of pictures! Any guesses whose this one was?

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  1. Love Lincoln's prayers! He says "amen" really cute, too.


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