Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Things Friday-#2

This week has been so busy!
Pardon the sporadic are 5 highlights from the week.

1-Last night, my sister and I went night-skiing at Brighton. It was amazing!
This was my first time downhill skiing, and I was pleased that I went from falling down the mountain screaming, "IIII caaaaan't stoooppppp!!!" and crashing over strangers' skis to graduating from the bunny hill and enjoying a more challenging run a few times. Losaunne got lots of laughs at my mishaps, I had some pretty epic crashes, and I can barely move today.
So I'd say it was an awesome time!!
After skiing, we had THE most amazing Mexican food at a place called Hector's.
I can't wait to take Sam.

2-I took the boys to tour Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate factory yesterday. They had so much fun!
The best part might have been watching Wesley's face as he tried a little chip of unsweetened chocolate, but the chocolate-dipped caramels and samples of frozen custard were a hit as well!
It was such a fun experience for just $1/person!

3-Earlier this week I discovered a place called Carlo's Produce Outlet.
I was so excited to buy 8 pints of strawberries for $9, avocados for 50 cents, red bell peppers for 50 cents, mangoes for 79 cents, and more!
(Which means I'll be making this next week without breaking the bank!)
Those are awesome prices for Utah in the middle of the winter!
It made me a little homesick for Food Town, our old grocery store in Texas that always had ridiculously cheap produce.

4-Speaking of produce, pineapples are only 99 cents each at Smith's this week--which means I'll be canning next week! Pineapple is the fastest, easiest thing I've ever canned, and those bright yellow bottles on the storage shelves are gorgeous!
I get excessively excited about cheap produce.

5-Lincoln had his 18-month doctor's appointment yesterday and he's in the 90th percentile for height, 90th percentile for weight, and 95th for head circumference. I love my big boy!

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  1. I've always wanted to tour Mrs. Cavanaughs!! I'm glad you guys had fun :)


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