Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Day with the Dinosaurs

Yesterday we ventured out to the dinosaur park.
A few weeks ago we got this awesome deal where we got a family pass to a local nature center that includes admission to the dinosaur park, the aviary, and all of the Union Station museums all year--for just $17!
I decided that even our student-life budget could make room for that price and I anticipate a year filled with fun outings as a result.

The boys had mixed feelings about these huge dinosaurs, which moved and roared somewhat realistically.
After a while they began to really love them, and they've been playing "baby dinosaurs" this morning.

This wooly rhino was pretty interesting.
We saw real wooly mammoth hair that had been preserved in a glacier,
and huge mammoth teeth about as long as my forearm!

We had a picnic lunch and then walked around the paths for a while in the midst of more dinosaur models.
Then we headed to the sand pit, where the boys were highly entertained as they brushed sand away from dinosaur bones! This was especially a hit with Lincoln.

Kudos to my 16-year-old sister, Avalon, for adding to her driving hours on the trip!
40 hours of driving is a beast!

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  1. This place is amazing! I would love to go there. The boys are so cute in their expressions as they imitate the dinosaurs.
    I think of all of the fun memories that my mother made for us as children and I can see that your boys with have so many great ones as well. Your sister is beautiful, just like you, Kaitlyn.


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