Thursday, February 12, 2015


I've started a new project called Davis County Moms.
It's a new blog, started in conjunction with my friend Kim from Utah Valley Moms,
where I post local activities and events (mostly free) geared specifically toward families in Davis County.
So far it's increased my awareness of fun activities to take the kids to,
and also increased my motivation to be more intentional about family activities.
I think it will be an awesome opportunity!

Anyway, last week I posted about a local frozen yogurt store where you could get free frozen yogurt.
Sam had a Scouts activity he had to go to, so I took the boys and juggled everyone and their yogurt as we maneuvered through the crowded store.
Talmage requested strawberry with M&Ms, I got Lincoln chocolate/vanilla swirl,
and I settled on hot chocolate/mudslide pie mix for both Wesley and I.
Because I had my hands full, I opted to feed Lincoln his yogurt before eating mine.
By the time I got a taste of mine, Wesley's was completely gone...
and after a bite or two I discovered to my dismay that "mudslide pie" has coffee in it.
I checked with an employee to verify,
and she confirmed that my 3-year-old Mormon boy had just eaten an entire cup of coffee-flavored frozen yogurt.
(Although he enjoyed the yogurt, I had to laugh when the picture turned out like this. Only fitting, right?)

A bit disgruntled, I threw my cup in the trash and escorted the boys out to the car.
I came home and told Sam the story and he laughed and laughed.
I guess I was a little traumatized, because I dreamt it was fast Sunday and I asked Sam what he was fasting for. In my dream, he said, "I'm fasting that our family can keep the Word of Wisdom."
Guilt trip much??
He joked that I'd been shaking for days as I was instantly addicted and going through withdrawal.

I apologize for the delay on the interview series--it's all written and ready to go, I'm just waiting for the final go-ahead from my interviewee. I'm excited to share his story!

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  1. Haha, still such a funny story!!! You shouldn't feel guilty, you didn't know!! :)


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