Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valen's Time Day

We had a lovely Valentine's weekend together!
Our festivities began with a nice dinner on Friday night, after the kids were tucked into bed.
I served:
-strawberry spinach salad
-chicken stuffed with cream cheese & slow-roasted tomatoes
-roasted bell peppers with feta
-blender rolls
-watermelon and
-molten lava cakes with ice cream

We ate restaurant-style and enjoyed our uninterrupted dinner conversation together!
The next morning I woke up to heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes,
and the boys were thrilled with their new books and the chocolate hearts sprinkled all over the floor in their room.
As soon as the excitement settled down Talmage asked, "Is tomorrow Easter?!?"
Even with our low-key celebrations, these boys LOVE holidays!

After breakfast, we picked up my sister to watch the kids
and Sam and I headed on a drive up Big Cottonwood canyon, admiring the gorgeous scenery and crowds of people at ski resorts as we went.
We eventually stopped and headed down a trail to enjoy a picnic while sitting on saucer sleds.
Even though there was snow in the canyon, the sunshine made for very pleasant weather!
Laughing and joking with my very best friend was the perfect way to celebrate the day.

And then we headed back down to the valley with the windows down, soaking in the February sunshine and chilly, breezy air!

When we got home, the boys presented us with homemade valentines my sister had helped them make!
And then my wish came true as we got to catch a rare nap while the boys napped!
We finished the day with a long walk on a trail near our house.
Simply put, it was a beautiful day with the ones I love.

And as a side note, Talmage and especially Wesley somehow got a bit confused and think it is "Valen's Time Day" instead of "Valentine's Day." So they insist that their little heart-shaped cards they make for us are "valens." Sweet Talmage drew me a picture for my valentine and had it hiding under the piano for days in anticipation of the holiday! He was so excited to give me my "valen."

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