Monday, February 23, 2015

Our Third Home

As I mentioned last week, the cockroaches drove us away from our apartment in a hurry!
As soon as the end of our 1-year lease was a few months away, we began diligently searching for a better place to live.
One morning I stumbled across a duplex listed on-line and discovered that with a 3-year contract, the rent was almost exactly the same as we were paying for our apartment!
We quickly called, set up an appointment to look at the duplex, and the realtor pulled some strings to get it for us because there were about 10 other people interested.
We were so grateful!!

One big draw was the garage, and also the yard. It was so nice to not have to lug groceries and a baby across a parking lot and up stairs to our locked apartment door. (I know, I sound so spoiled...)

Immediately inside the front door there was a flight of stairs with a landing in the middle. We would sometimes drag the LoveSac out to the bottom of the stairs so the kids could jump down into it.

If you turned right before the stairs, there was a hallway leading to this bathroom and 2 bedrooms.

The nursery had travertine tile floors (like most of the house), a door leading out to the backyard, a closet, and a nice long crawl space for storage.

The bedroom down the hall was Talmage and Wesley's by the time we moved. I had fun making the quilts for the bunk beds, putting together the big star (it's made of cardboard and hot glue), making the magnet board (which weighs about 30 pounds thanks to the sheet of steel on it), sewing the curtains, and making the toy storage boxes. It's about the only room where we actually bought most of what's in it, rather than someone giving it to us!
We scored the train table on Craigslist one year at Christmas time, and it's certainly served us well.

At the top of the stairs there was a large closet for the washer and dryer. And then around the corner it opened up to our main living area. Our small living room, kitchen, and dining area were all together here. It was cozy, but it was perfect for our little family. I loved the huge windows that lit up the whole area with natural light all day long!

The granite sink was seriously one of the best parts of the house. It stayed so clean and was so deep, making it great for baby-baths! I also loved the corner pantry and stainless steel appliances. We had to buy our own fridge, so Craigslist served us well once again...unfortunately, I discovered once we got it that what I thought were crumbs all over the inside were actually weevil-like critters. I spent 10 hours cleaning it out when we first got it! I think over the course of the 5 years we spent in Texas, we experienced almost every bug problem you could have there. We still love Texas despite the bugs!

Just off the kitchen was the master bedroom and a little half-bath (I couldn't find any good pictures of these). This was the master bathroom.

From the dining area, a door opened up onto this balcony that overlooked the huge yard...we were grateful yard care was included in the contract so we didn't have to worry about it! Sam bought me this swing the first Christmas after we moved here, and we spent many hours out here playing with water, swinging, reading stories, drinking smoothies, drawing with chalk, and star gazing.

I loved looking out into so much space, but the yard wasn't very friendly to play in due guessed it...lots and lots of bugs. Because the house was new construction, there were TONS of fire ant hills. Treating them wouldn't have done much good because we had vacant fields around us, so we just let them be for the most part and didn't spend much time out here. It sure was pretty, though!

All in all, I loved living here. There were some drawbacks to the location, but it served our young family so well. I went from being anxious and feeling so limited in our apartment to exploding with projects and things to do here. It was a joy to pass the time here, and as we went from having 1 little baby to having 3 active little boys, the dynamics of our days and my life changed drastically. This became the base station for story time at the library, trips to the beach, play group at the park, trips to the splash pads, days at the zoo, and so much more. This was the place I really grew into my role as a young mother and life with young children took on the characteristics I always imagined. This home welcomed many family visitors, and it saw us through the majority of Sam's PhD program.
Although the cockroaches were terrible, we'll forever be grateful they drove us to a greatly improved living circumstance! This little home in Texas will always have a place in our hearts. We're so grateful we were led here!

And now, here we are in our fourth home. Perhaps a tour of it will commence some day, but for now we'll enjoy making more memories to help it earn its place in our hearts.


  1. Replies
    1. I know, right?! I am crazy about a good porch swing and a sunset! Unfortunately, it's stuck in our shed now because there's no place to hang it here. :( My husband just joked that we should hang it from the shed roof. I told him we could string Christmas lights all over the ceiling.

  2. This is definitely a much better place than the last it sounds like!! :) It looks really nice!!!

    1. It seriously made a night and day difference in my attitude about things. I know it sounds spoiled/entitled, but things were so much better here!

  3. We sure miss you guys. We drive by your old place almost every day and when we do inevitably someone in the car will express how much we wish your cute family was still living there.

    1. Oh, we miss your family and our Texas ward so much!! I'm glad to be able to keep up with you!


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