Friday, January 30, 2015

Tell Me A Story Interview Series

My friend lay weak in her nursing home bed, pain and sickness her constant companions.
I sat talking with her and began probing into some of her past experiences.
And as I did so, I was astounded.
This sweet, darling woman, with no children of her own, had an incredible history, fascinating in so many ways. But to most of the world, she was just another elderly woman surrounded with sterile white walls.
I wished I had the means to record her sharing these experiences to preserve them, as she would leave behind no family members to share them.

And with that wish was born an idea...
an idea to interview others and share their stories through this blog
with the hope that others may be inspired as I have been.

One thing I have definitely learned over the years is that everyone has a unique, interesting story to tell.
We can learn great lessons from the experiences of each person we encounter.
So I am very excited to share with you my upcoming series!

"Tell Me a Story" Interview Series will feature individuals with particularly interesting stories and experiences and the lessons they have learned from them.
I've got a fascinating list of people to start with, and their stories are incredible.
I hope you'll join me through this series and learn from the lives and experiences of others as I have!

Join me next Friday as we begin our series with the story of my cousin, who nearly died when he was hit by a car several years ago. Learn of his miraculous story, challenges of his recovery, and how his experience changed his life for the better.

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