Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dressed and Pressed

In our church, the children attend a class called Primary.
Each January, they get to move up a class (divided by age groups),
beginning at age 3 and continuing on up to age 11.

We were all home sick the first Sunday of the year,
so this past Sunday marked Wesley's first day of Sunbeams! 
(Sunbeams is the title of the 3-year-old group.)
He cried almost every Sunday for the 20 months he was in Nursery.
Here's hoping his excitement about Primary will change that habit.
I had to snap some pictures of my little guy in his snazzy suit,
and of course big brother wanted in on the photo shoot, too.


  1. Did you introduce Talmage to the Barbie hand?

    Cute boys!

  2. Adorable photos. I LOVE the Sunbeam age. So much fun.

  3. You were such an amazing Sunbeam teacher for Talmage!!


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