Friday, January 9, 2015

Age 1 Across the Board

When you have kids, it seems like the world takes the responsibility to tell you just who they look like.
I have no objection--I find it entertaining to hear so many different and opposing opinions,
and it fascinates me to think about what people zero in on when they look at people.

For me, it's the eyes.
I have trouble seeing any resemblance if the eyes aren't similar, at least in shape and size.
I looked up these pictures of my munchkins, all at about the same age.
I feel like Lincoln is such a great mix of his older brothers.
What do you think?
It's been so fun to see the different gene combinations we've produced!

On an unrelated note,
I would love to hear what your weekend routine is like.
Sometimes Sam is home on Saturdays now, and it's been such a rare thing in our marriage we haven't really worked out a Saturday routine together as a family!
How are you intentional with that time together--whether working or playing?
Do you make a to-do list to hack away at?
Do you plan a family activity in advance?
I'd love to get some feedback,
and I hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. Amazing how they each look so different, and yet the same. Super cute boys. Lincoln is such a mix of the older two. I remember feeling that way about Mallory when she was born and we compared her to her older sisters. Glad to hear Sam is around more on Saturdays. Our Saturdays have usually consisted of chores first and then some kind of family outing Jeff has planned, triggered by recommendations from his patients earlier in the week. It seems that the older all of the kids get. though, they have more obligations on Saturdays. Nowadays we seem to plan our weekends more around where they need to be for church, school or sports events. Life gets so busy with teenagers. I loved feeling like I had a little more control over the weekends when our kids were younger.

  2. All of them are a perfect combination of their beautiful and handsome parents. I just want to kiss their cheeks through my computer screen.


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