Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Snow Trouble

After such a long warm stretch, the weather seems to be making up for lost time.
It is COLD!
And it's giving us a run for our money.

We woke up to a lovely 6-inch blanket of snow on Christmas morning,
and since then have had lots more.
Yesterday I bundled everyone up and we went out to build a snow fort in the 12 or so inches of snow covering the backyard.
About 15 minutes into our fun, I tried to come back into the house for something, and I discovered a wooden dowel meant to keep the sliding glass door closed had fallen down onto the track while we'd been outside, successfully locking us out.
At least we were in all our snow gear!
The boys and I trekked over to the neighbors' house and used their phone to call my mom
(she came to our rescue once again!).
And then we crashed at my parents' house for the rest of the day, until Sam got home from work and could get us into the house.

Last night we had crazy 75 mph wind which shook our house,
and early this morning the power went out.
Which meant the heater didn't work.
After a few hours of huddling under blankets for warmth
(except wiggly Lincoln, who just ran around with ice cubes for hands),
I looked out the window and saw my mom running up to the house,
fighting the crazy wind to save us once again!
I stubbornly didn't want to bother her again today,
but she had tried to call and figured out we were without power, so she came to tell us to come over and warm up!
And we were certainly glad she came.
The power didn't come on until the middle of the day.

After 5 years of living so far away from any family members,
when we moved back to Utah I was insistent that we wouldn't need any help from our families.
It's taken a few experiences like these to humble me,
and I certainly feel grateful they are here to help us out.

But even with the havoc it's caused,
the boys have loved the snow...
and they're always thrilled for more time at their grandparents' houses.

Wesley loves the snow so much he never complains of being cold.
The picture below of him was taken immediately after he face-planted in the snow.
He came up laughing!


  1. I'm glad your mom came to rescue you! Moms are the best! I stole my mom's shower yesterday morning because our water heater runs on electricity and without out, no warm water... Joe and Howie just snuggled up under the blankets in bed until the heat turned on while I went to work :P I was a little jealous because the last power outage we had in the last wind storm, Joe and I put loads of blankets on our bed after work and dinner at my parent's house (they have a gas stove) and watched Elf on his laptop because it had a full charge and it was a lot of fun. I was hoping for an adventure like that again, but instead, we got to thaw our frozen pipes. ;)

    1. Oh no!! Sorry you didn't get a repeat fun adventure! Fortunately we didn't get any frozen pipes, but it sounds nasty. Glad they didn't break!


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