Friday, December 12, 2014

Inspirational Movies

Sam and I aren't huge movie people,
so when we watch a movie we want it to be well-worth the couple of hours we spend staring at the computer screen.
It's kind of challenging to find totally clean, uplifting, inspirational movies of decent quality.
I thought I'd share some we've enjoyed recently--
and maybe one will join you this Friday night!

Gifted Hands
Ben Carson's story is amazing! This movie is his story--the story of how a young boy emerges from inner-city Detroit and a reputation of failing in school to become one of the world's leading pediatric neurologists at Johns Hopkins University. The movie is suspenseful, tasteful, and motivational. I am so grateful we took the time to enjoy this one! I hear it's not available on Netflix and it's also not on Amazon Instant Video, but it can be purchased inexpensively at the link above or most likely checked out from your local library (ours had several copies in circulation).

A dear friend had been telling me we would enjoy this one for quite some time before we finally decided to watch it a month ago or so. It had us on the edge of our seats, and the story of these policemen coming to recognize the importance of their roles as fathers is deeply touching.
Note: It's rated PG-13 for some scary action scenes involving shooting and drug content, but Sam and I both felt it was perfectly appropriate and totally clean.

This is the amazing story of an autistic woman who overcame significant obstacles and opposition to become an enormous success and use her autism for good. The way the movie portrays the way she thinks is truly fascinating!

I loved this movie, but it was definitely a tear-jerker! This is the true story of an Amish community's response to a mass shooting that occurred in their school and how they forgave the killer and found peace in their lives. So inspiring, but also so sad! I have to admit that when we were done watching this movie I pulled my sleeping boys from their beds and put them in ours for the remainder of the night.
Note: This is also rated PG-13 because of the traumatic subject matter, but once again, it is completely clean in our views.

I scored this whole collection at a garage sale a couple of years ago for $5! Sam and I love a good documentary, and the footage on this set is absolutely breathtaking. Our little boys love watching these as well, and learning more about fascinating creatures and their adaptations to the beautiful world on which they live. Definitely get the David Attenborough version, though--it has a far more majestic feel!

This is one of our favorite Christmas movies--the true story behind the song "Silent Night." It illustrates the remarkable circumstances in which the song was written and the courage Joseph Mohr had to defy his superiors in the process.
Watch it free online here!

We haven't seen this one yet, but BYUtv released it this year, and we'll be enjoying it sometime within the next few days. This one is the story behind Handel's Messiah.
Watch it free online here!

I'd love to see some more inspirational films--what are your favorites?


  1. If you like watching Planet Earth on the computer, you really need to watch the blu-ray on a big screen!

    1. Um, yeah...I'm sure! Is this an invitation for a movie night? ;)

  2. Mark and I like inspirational movies with a sports theme. You guys should try watching: Rudy, Miracle, Radio, and Remember The Titans. Also, a non-sports theme inspirational movie to watch is Fireproof.

    1. I've heard good things about those! I believe the makers of Courageous and Fireproof also made a sports one called Facing the Giants...have you seen that one? Thanks for your suggestions!

  3. Forever Strong is really good too. We have it if you want to borrow it.


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