Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Observing Discovery

It was a frustrating evening.
Amidst the general whining and chaos that always seems to exist just before dinnertime,
Lincoln was emptying cupboards and crying at my feet,
Talmage was insisting that he was starving to death and needed a snack NOW despite the fact that we were about to eat dinner,
and Sam called to say he was going to be getting home pretty late.
Wasn't it date night?

I was at my wit's end when Lincoln climbed up on the table for the umpteenth time that day.
And then the world stopped as I heard a high-pitched, "Hi!"

I looked over to where he stood perched on the table and saw that because it was dark outside and I hadn't yet closed the curtains,
he had discovered his reflection in the sliding glass door.
And, judging by the huge smile radiating from his face, he thought it was adorable.
"Hiii! Hi!" he said over and over again as he inched toward the edge of the table and climbed down onto a booster seat,
arm outstretched to greet the blurry image that he so admired.

And just like that, the frustration dissolved.
Here I was in my chaotic, busy home, observing the precious innocence and new discovery of my one-year-old.
I have the singular opportunity to devote all of my time to creating an environment suitable for these sweet spirits to thrive, to progress, to create, and to discover.
And I get a front-row seat to observe it all!
I get to re-experience life through the eyes of a child as I see my children learn and grow.

And though there are many frustrations, stressors, and tears (mostly from them, occasionally from me), there is no place I would rather be.

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