Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Brother and I

We have this children's song that always makes me think of my trio of boys when I hear it:

Guess who likes to throw a ball?
My brother and I.
Guess who's growing up so tall?
My brother and I.
Guess who likes to build things with saw and hammer and nails?
Guess who loves exploring, discovering new trails?
Guess who likes to race and climb?
My brother and I.
Guess who wrestles all the time?
My brother and I.
Guess you'll never know why I love him like I do
unless you're lucky and you have a brother, too!

I just love seeing these three grow together and be best friends.
Lincoln is actually starting to join in the fun of his own accord on occasion, and it melts my heart to see all of them interact together!

As I was writing down the words to the song, Sam wondered what I writing.
I started singing the song to him and he commented,
"That sounds like a fun song even though it's grammatically incorrect."

And that, friends, is yet another reason why I love that man.

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