Friday, November 28, 2014


The kids are tucked into bed,
Sam is on his way home from his quick run to his lab,
dishes are cleaned,
food is placed in the refrigerator.

I am reviewing the day...
Thanksgiving dinner round 1 with Sam's family
and round 2 with mine.
The frenzy of cooking and preparing in the morning
and the sleepy satisfaction that follows the feast.
Lincoln's ridiculous antics at dinner,
Talmage's 12ish cups of pink lemonade,
Wesley's dazed expression he gets when he slowly eats rolls by sucking on them.
1 ham and 4 turkeys (2 baked, 1 deep-fried, 1 smoked).
Laughing, joking, story-telling, reminiscing.
Cousins high-fiving, hugging, and playing at the park.

Through it all, I have a feeling of fulness--
full stomachs,
full hearts,
full refrigerators,
full homes,
full of gratitude.

The abundance is at times overwhelming and I can't help but feel guilty for enjoying so much plenty when there are so many who lack even the basic necessities of life.
(Especially when I see things like this.)
And with the gratitude for what we have comes the desire to someday be able to take strides to help reduce that gap between the wealthy and impoverished.

And our goal persists to live a simple life regardless of our circumstances,
because we truly believe that simplicity paradoxically creates abundance--
abundance of peace,
abundance of love,
and abundance of plain and simple joy.

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