Monday, November 17, 2014

Beauty in all Seasons

Beauty in all Seasons

In Spring the rosy flowers blossom
Youthful beauty glowing,
The world is fresh and new--
With bright hopefulness bestowing
Upon its blooming grandeur
Anticipation's wond'rous splendor.

In Summer, too, each soul will see
That Earth's pure beauty stays;
With love's enduring warmth
Imparted through the sun's bright rays.
Memories of laughter made
With cloudy skies and blissful shade.

Then Autumn comes, her colors bright
That crisp chill in the air
Earth's beauty is aging and yet with grace
And new wonder is discovered there.
Red, green, orange and gold
Come as life's ending is foretold.

The starkness of the Winter descends.
Earth's breath is fading away.
And yet there comes a barren beauty
With each cold, silvery day.
Bare branches reach to heaven,
Pure, white snow's true goodness beckons.

And with the beauty of life's end
Comes hope of life again;
A perfect Spring will break through frost,
Uniting long departed friends.
Bringing with it knowledge grasping
That life, like Earth has beauty e'erlasting.

Each youthful smile and rosy blush,
Fond memories of laughter and fun,
Those golden years so full of grace,
And unexpressed value in aged wisdom.
As years pass by, love's boundaries expand
And beauty, too, will always transcend.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Avalon! I did write it. Sometimes there's nothing like writing a little poem to sort out your jumbled thoughts! :)


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