Monday, October 13, 2014

The Big ONE

Now that Lincoln's birthday was over a month ago,
I finally got the pictures off my mom's cell phone (the camera batteries died just as he was digging into cake...),
and even though it's tardy, the pictures were too cute to keep to myself.
Talmage's birthday was Saturday--his birthday post will be tomorrow!

He thoroughly enjoyed his cake, but he was SO serious and intent on it the entire time he was eating.
Thanks to Aunt Avalon we finally got a smile at the end.
His stomach was inflated like a balloon--that kid can put down a lot of food!

And then came the presents--lucky Talmage and Wesley got a couple thrown in as well!
 Lincoln loved, loved that frog from Kellie. He immediately started hugging it over and over.

 The toothbrush is always one of the favorite one-year-old birthday gifts!

We gave him a box of Kleenex, just so he could pull them out to his heart's content--something he went crazy trying to do in the hotels we stayed in when we were moving.

I got this rocking caterpillar at a yard sale for $3 before Lincoln was even born,
but it sat in a closet all this time because I thought maybe it was too feminine. (Weird?)
But desperate times call for desperate measures--like scrounging in a closet for presents. :)
He didn't seem to mind.

This little boy certainly is loved!


  1. Woah, he got quite a haul! Love the last cake picture - I can't believe how much of that he ate!!!

    1. Yeah, I didn't feel too bad about giving him a box of Kleenex and some sippy cups when I saw what he got from everyone else!

  2. I don't think that caterpillar is too femmy at all. Also, I like your hair!


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