Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Puppy Chow

General Conference is coming up, which means we are planning our Conference Party!
As we grew up, our family always had a big party for the two days of General Conference.
We got to enjoy a huge variety of snacks we didn't normally see in the house,
Conference Bingo was ready,
and notebooks and coloring supplies were on hand.
As children we looked forward to General Conference almost as much as Christmas!
I've continued the tradition with my own family, and the kids have been talking about General Conference excitedly for weeks.

The selection of treats has varied, but there are a few things that have remained constant over the years, and Puppy Chow is one of them.

Many people refer to this snack as "Muddy Buddies," but there are a few differences in this recipe that set it apart, and nearly everyone who tries it asks for the recipe. It's kind of legendary!

Today I'm sharing the recipe here.
Maybe you can make it a part of your General Conference celebration this year, too!

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