Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Making Up for Lost Time

It was very unfortunate that we moved to Texas
just before my sister's son was born, Talmage was born, and my brother's son was born
all within 2 months of each other!

Since coming back to Utah,
I feel like we've been making up for lost time...
we've been spending lots of time with cousins,
and the boys couldn't be more thrilled about it.

Just a few days before General Conference,
my sister-in-law and I took our kids to the Conference Center for a tour.
We thought they'd enjoy watching General Conference take place in the building they had just seen.
I think the highlight for my kids was the roof!

After the tour, we wandered over to the Museum of Church History and Art,
where the kids loved playing with pioneer toys
and dressing up as pioneers to pull a handcart!

Last week my sister and I took our kids to Gardner Village to see the Witchfest
and do the scavenger hunt for the witches.
The kids loved it!
I had plans for adorable fall pictures with 3 boys in carefully coordinated shirts,
but as I should have expected,
this was the best we could get.

This picture was supposed to be of all 6 cousins,
but there was a huge water wheel behind the fence and it apparently terrified Lincoln.
I set him on Talmage's lap and he burst into tears, shot off his lap, and warily backed away from the wheel. He watched it with great concern while we were in the area, and when I picked him up his whole body was trembling!
I guess it's time to come up with a term for a phobia of water wheels.

After lunch at Jocilyn's, my crew and I headed home.
Many tears were shed until I reassured them that they would be seeing their cousins again 2 days later at our monthly family dinner!

On Saturday we gathered at my brother's house
for an afternoon of delicious food,
fun with power wheels,
family reunion planning,
and playing in the coolest sandbox in the world.
My brother made a huge, in-ground sandbox in his backyard with a metal, pulley-operated cover.
8 kids were happily playing with shovels and tractors!
It sure beats the dirt square currently in the corner of our yard:

Talmage and Wesley loved learning to drive the power wheels
(their first experience with anything of the sort).
At one point Wesley was crashing into a concrete ledge and I stopped him and said,
"Wes, do you see something in front of you?"
He looked thoughtfully ahead and quickly reached down and began repeatedly pushing the horn button. Needless to say, it wasn't the most effective solution,
but it got some laughs!

Whether we've been eating rootbeer floats,
playing on the dirt mountain at Grandpa & Grammy's house,
or enjoying picnics at the park,
we've been loving all this cousin time.
We can't wait for the adventures that lie ahead of us.
The next 3 years are going to be great!


  1. Did you and Jocilyn coordinate the black boots? You match!

    1. Nope--we didn't match on purpose, but I had to laugh at the way our boots and pants matched, our kids are standing in the same order, and we totally have the same posture. Guess we really are sisters...!

    2. Except I look 20 years older. Sheesh!

      And yep, our pants totally match - from all directions;).

    3. Maybe not 20...I'd say more like 10. Kaitlyn does look like a very young mom! But that's ok, because Peter looks like he's 8.

    4. Hahahaha, I was going to say something about it not being that bad, because just the other day someone gasped in shock about me having 3 kids and said I looked 18. Still laughing about the pants comment... And there's a reason we call Wesley our "sunshine boy." :)

  2. And what is that column of light coming down to Wes? Is he about to be translated?


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