Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Birthday on a Budget

This kid is turning 5 this week.

I've set a present-budget of $10 for myself, so I'm trying to get creative.
I'm planning on making both boys wooden swords and shields
as well as superhero capes, masks, and monogrammed chest plates.
(Borrowed tools, fabric scraps, and leftover paint are going to come in handy.)
I'm sure blanket capes and sticks and duct tape will never get old, though.

It's funny how being a parent changes your parenting philosophies.
I never thought I would provide our sons with toy weapons,
but after seeing them act on their natural tendencies,
I've come to see the wisdom in allowing them in a controlled environment with rules
so they can learn how to use them appropriately.
And as my sister pointed out,
it can't be a bad thing when Talmage shouts,
"Wesley! Put on your helmet of salvation and grab your sword of the Spirit!"

Any other budget-friendly ideas?


  1. Haha, at least he's got a gospel perspective about it! ;) I definitely like the homemade, creative presents! Little boys aren't going to really know the difference right? And the fact that you made them for them might make them that much more special!

    1. I always joke that one of the great things about having small children is that they aren't old enough yet to care if their presents came from the dollar store, or the thrift store, or the wood scrap pile in this case. :) Good thing, too, or else we'd be in trouble as we live the student life forever!

  2. A box. That and the tissue/wrapping paper always seem to be the favorite anyway...


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