Thursday, September 18, 2014

He's a Doctor!

Sam's thesis defense was in mid-August, just a week before we moved.
What an exciting and nerve-racking day it was!
I intended to get a new dress for the occasion but when that plan failed, I settled on some brown high heels. Very high heels. After the babysitter arrived, I drove to the medical center to meet Sam, and as we walked through the building to his defense I got slower and slower. Those shoes would not stay on my feet to save me! Sam joked, "Don't worry...if your high heels make us late to my defense, at least it will make a good story, right?" I finally took them off in desperation and quickly changed my hobble to a speed-walk.
Sam cracked joke after joke as we walked through the halls (it was kind of a long walk). Eventually I told him that I liked it when he was nervous because he became hilarious!

After his hour-long presentation, all but his committee were excused.
I appreciated it when, about 5 minutes into his questioning period, a professor came out to do something and told me, "He's doing just fine!"
I sat in the hall in anticipation for 45 minutes or so while he was grilled, and then he came out to join me while a decision was made.
After a few minutes, he was called back in, and then at last his professor opened the door and welcomed me into the room to be met with a series of, "Congratulations!!!"
We were so happy!
He passed with no revisions requested--what an accomplishment!

After we received the news, we went up to his lab where cake and punch were waiting for a reception for him.

And what fun all the farewell dinners and parties were!
It's been quite a ride, and I am so proud of my brilliant scientist for sticking with it.

By the way, when I informed the boys that Sam was now a doctor,
Wesley argued repeatedly with me,
"Noooooo! He's not a doctor!"
Sam said he was grateful Wesley wasn't on his committee.

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